Meteorite Sample Cutting
Proposal to cut samples from stony meteorites.
Specimens are from G. O. collection.
Samples are needed for UCLA pairing study.
Study will reorganize list of CA meteorites.
Results of study in Meteoritical Bulletin.
Eventually will result in update to “Catalog”.
New saw & blade will minimize cut-loss.

Meteorite Sample Cutting
Minimize “removal time” from display.
Very flexible cutting time schedule
Will be cut during the “off hours”
Next day turn-around.
Goal is to return G.O. specimens in better condition than received.
Old cut surfaces will be replaced with a polished, newer surface.  Improves presentation of meteorite in display case and makes internal features easier to view under closer examination.

Meteorite Sample Cutting
Minimize cut-loss.
New saw
New blade
Cut parallel to previously sawn surfaces
Most experienced CA meteorite cutter
Will be personally cut by the Principal Investigator (PI)
PI has cut the last sixteen (16) CA meteorites to include the Los Angeles shergottite.

Meteorite Sample Cutting
Next day turn-around.