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2003 July 31
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Name of Nevada Meteorite: Bluewing 014 (provisional) - Actually, this is the 6th meteorite find made at Bluewing Flat,
and the 15th find from Nevada.

Credit: Image by Rob Matson, taken November 10, 2001.

The following is from The Meteoritical Bulletin, No. 86, (Table 3), 2002 September :

ANOTHER PICTURE of yesterday's Nevada Meteorite of the Day -
Bluewing 014 (provisional) - Actually, this is the sixth meteorite find made at Bluewing Flat, Nevada
40 ~16.670' N, 118 ~56.796' W
Pershing County, Nevada, USA
Found 1999 November 04
Unclassified Equilibrated Ordinary Chondrite
A 216.67 gram (well-preserved, 100% fusion-crusted) stone was found by Paul Gessler while he was searching for meteorites on Bluewing Flat. It was found among a narrow pile of detritus (and several other, different meteorite fragments) that had accumulated along a narrow N-S zone on the lakebed, but not far off-shore. Ice-rafting, or ice-plowing, is the suspected mechanism of emplacement.
Specimens: main mass, with finder (Gessler) .

(Personal communication with Nick Gessler, 2000).

(Scale: none)

Tomorrow's picture: another Bluewing find

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