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2005 February 07
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Name of Nevada Meteorite: Primm (Clark County)
Classification: (H5 S2 W3 Fa 18.5) - Ordinary Chondrite

Credit: Image taken by Robert Verish, on January 3, 2000.

The above image shows one of the larger masses from the Primm strewn field after it was reconstucted.!
The finder of this strewn field, as well as the fragments depicted in this image, is Nick Gessler. Image taken on the 23rd of January 2000 at the finders residence.

This image shows that weathered chondritic stone tend to be more deeply weathered along former contraction cracks in the relict fusion crust, all of which is dependent upon the local environment (specific weather conditions and the pH of the soil) at the find site. In this case the find locality is a dry lake (Roach) at an elevation of 800m (2460ft) in southern Nevada.
Meteorite-recovery efforts are on-going at this locality. New fragments continue to be found. All new finds which appear unique (which look different from other Primm fragments) should be submitted for classification and cataloging. Future finds can appear here in a future NvMetPOD!

A 1 centimeter cube-scale can be seen to the right of the chondritic stone in this image.

(Scale: cube is 1cubic cm)

The NEXT "Picture of the Day" will be next month. In the meanwhile, I will continue to accept any images or photos of any Nevada meteorites for submission to "Nevada Meteorite Picture of the Day". Your contributions are always appreciated.

Next month: Another Roach Dry Lake meteorite

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