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(for the Month of September 2009)

Discover the Solar System - right here in the Nevada desert! Every month a different image or photograph of a NEVADA meteorite will be featured, along with a brief explanation written by a meteorite-recovery expert.

Image taken May 16, 2009:
See Explanation.

Name of Nevada Meteorite: Provisional Name has been APPROVED - recovery data has already been submitted to the Nomenclature Committee for a NomComm-approved provisional NUMBER.
Image by Robert Verish.
Credit: Image taken by author. Please request permission before use.


Over the past few years a number of small, L-chondrite individuals (such as the one depicted in the above image) have been found on this dry lake. These tiny stonys all have the same gross appearance, regardless of shape. Each one is nearly covered with a fresh fusion crust, but never 100% covered. There is always a small patch that is not covered, which exposes a relatively fresh groundmass. In every specimen it appears that the missing fusion crust did not break off. As is the case with this specimen, the fusion crust shows evidence of "having run out of time" to completely cover the stone. Because of the tabular shape of this stone, the flow-lipping on this specimen is more pronounced.
One of these small stones found in 2002 has been turned-in for classification, and was characterized as "L6-chondrite". The meteorite in this image is probably paired to all of those earlier found L6 meteorites. At this same locality, there have been other (more weathered) chondrites previously recovered.

Being a recent find, there is very little additional information that can be shared at this time.
More information will be forthcoming in a future Nev Met POD.

For Reference:

If you have found a new Nevada meteorite and would like to report it 
and get a "provisional" name, or even easier, you have made a find 
from a known, formally named locality and would like to have a 
provisional number issued, 
you can contact the Editor of the Meteoritical Bulletin, Dr. Michael K. Weisberg
for more information.

Would you like to see your image displayed here? Feel free to submit your image to the editor's email address below. Any and all submissions of Nevada meteorite images are welcome.

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