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Image taken November 6, 2010:
See Explanation.

Name of Nevada Meteorite: Name of meteorite is already APPROVED [Yelland Dry Lake] - The first fragment of this meteorite was found by Sonny Clary in 2007 and was classified by UCLA as an H4 chondrite.
Images by Robert Verish (author of this webpage).
Credit: Image taken by author. Please request permission before use.


The above image depicts a fragment of the Yelland Dry Lake (H4) meteorite in the position as it was originally found. This is known as an "in-situ" image. These kind of images are used to record meteorite-recovery data, and are an attempt to record the geologic setting in the immediate vicinity of the find. This is just one of many hundreds of fragments that have been scattered after weathering away from the original main mass that fell onto this lakebed. Wave action from standing water when this lakebed is intermittantly inundated, has most likely transported this meteorite fragment several tens of meters. It is unlikely that this is the spot where the meteorite landed when it originally fell.
This meteorite appears in the Meteoritical Bulletin Database as "Yelland Dry Lake" - and was classified by UCLA as a H4 S2 W3 -- Fa18.50.2 (n=7) low-Ca pyx Fs16.3Wo2.2 (n=2).

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(-- Note: "Click" HERE to see another "in-situ" image.)

For Reference:

The information regarding the Yelland Dry Lake meteorite 
is obtained from the Meteoritical Bulletin.
The Editor of the Meteoritical Bulletin is, Dr. Michael K. Weisberg.

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