Nevada Meteorite Picture (Video) of the Month
(for the Month of March 2011)

Discover the Solar System - right here in the Nevada desert! Every month a different image or photograph of a NEVADA meteorite will be featured, along with a brief explanation written by a meteorite-recovery expert.

Video taken on February 23, 2011:

Name of Nevada Meteorite: recently found, so name request is still pending submission to NomComm*.
Video by finder (Paul Gessler).
Credit: YouTube - submitted by "cetuspa".


In the finder's own words, as copied from the YouTube video description:
"Here are 4 days of hunting on dry lake beds compressed into 7 minutes of highlights. Come with me as I recover military equipment fighter jet parts 50 cal bullets weather balloons and of course 3 more meteorites. Actual unrehearsed raw footage leading up to discovery of nice golf ball sized individual with 70% fusion crust. All told I recovered 4 meteorites representing 3 separate falls. Make sure to see other video with the unique wing shaped meteorite."

(-- Note: Uploaded to YouTube by "cetuspa" on Mar 4, 2011)

[editor: This video is noteworthy because it records meteorites (as well as many other terrestrial rocks) being found at the end of long, drag-marks on a dry-lakebed surface, which is evidence that they were transported (dragged) by the wind while being locked into a large sheet of ice when there was standing water on the lake.

For Reference:

* NomComm (Nomenclature Committee - of the Meteoritical Society) formally approves the names for meteorites 
  that are published in the Meteoritical Bulletin by the editor, Dr. Michael K. Weisberg.

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