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(for the Month of February 2012)

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Video posted February, 2012:

This is a video edited by Paul Gessler that is about a Nevada meteorite that he found in 2002!!

If the above video fails to open, go to YouTube, HERE!

Name of Nevada Meteorite: The "field name" for this meteorite, given by the finder, is "Rachel", which is the nearest town/village to the un-named drylake upon which it was found, located in Spring Valley.
Video is by the finder of this meteorite.
Credit: Paul Gessler, he is the finder.
Please request permission from the finder before using these images.


Please view the video. It is self-explanatory.

The following are comments by Paul Gessler subsequent to the posting of his video:
"Just for the record, this is what I discovered on the dry lakebed just north of Rachel Nevada off Highway 375 ( The Extraterrestrial Highway )
"A beautiful lightly weathered fully crusted oriented 85 gram oriented ordinary chondrite individual meteorite........say that 10 times fast!
"A true Little A'Le'Inn from "Area 51" found back in 2002. I left a pile of rocks and obsidian chips as a marker; coordinates given in video. I searched one more time at this location with no luck but it was not at all thorough. I am sure there is more to find from this fall. Please let me know if you do find more. Thanks and good luck. "

Updates regarding this meteorite will be posted here.

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