Study Area #3


The Meteorite Recovery Foundation
returned to the Lucerne Valley area
in November of 2000. Recovery efforts focused on
Rabbit Dry Lake, resurfaced areas on Lucerne Dry Lake,
and the sand dune (or hummocky areas) along the margin
of both of these dry lakes. This "focused" search area
is hereafter called. Study Area #3.

Originally in a simultaneous and independent effort, but
now in concert with the M.R.F. efforts in this Study Area,
a Mr. William Fox of Riverside, California,
was searching for meteorites at Rabbit Dry Lake.
On 2000 Dec 3 Will Fox found a L6 S2 W5 chondtric stone,
called Rabbit Dry Lake 001,
pending final approval by the Nomenclature Committee.

As recently as 2001 January, meteorite recovery efforts
by Mr. Fox, in concert with the M.R.F., are on-going.
Several peculiar stones have be found and are being tested.
Results will be posted here.
Meanwhile, an Image Directory can be viewed
HERE: ??Rabbit Dry Lake 002??
Results from recent hunts at Lucerne will be posted here.
An Image Directory can be viewed
HERE: Silt Dunes??

Our mission statement
Sample Curation
The Field Recovery Team

Recovering What Is Needed for Science
Freeing Those to Study Them

Far better to recover a meteorite on private land
and KNOW who owns it,
than to recover one on public land
and know that you will NEVER own it.

For further information contact:
Robert Verish
Meteorite Recovery Foundation
P.O. Box 237
Sunland, California 91040

The Meteorite Recovery Foundaiton is privately operated and is currently applying for corporate non-profit status. There is no grant from the National Science Foundation and no public funds are used in these activities.