by Robert Verish

Just in time for the Tucson Show - A New Arizona Chondrite -
Presenting the "Franconia Meteorite"

In keeping with the "Main Event" this month, the Tucson Show, I really had to struggle to find a topic that would be, at least loosely, related to this once in a year "Show" in Arizona. Ended up having to divulge a meteorite locality before I could get a classification and approved name for this newly found meteorite. But then, it's been over a year since any of my submitted meteorites have received a classification! Who knows how much longer we will have to continue to wait for a classification for an Ordinary Chondrite?.....

This month's article will announce a new chondrite find from Arizona!

Although this 4.75kg chondritic stone hasn't been classifed, I had a thin-section made and had UCLA give it a cursory examination. It was their opinion that this stone is a moderately shocked, H-chondrite, of high petrologic grade. Of note are the abundant metal grains, many exhibiting the effects of shock by having numerous sulfide inclusions, as well as, by having !! METALLIC COPPER !! segregated along these grain boundaries.

"Click"... HERE! - for this months article, titled: Franconia, Arizona - Trip date: 2003 January 05 - M-Recovery field report - field investigation - Update (provisional name, pending approval).

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