by Robert Verish

This month's Article has been POSTPONED - due to the events following the Columbia Shuttle Re-entry Disaster -
this month's article is being pre-empted by the announcement of the formation of the
"Debris-Locators List"

NASA's Shuttle fleet is grounded until a cause is found and corrected for the tragic Columbia Shuttle disaster. Recovering debris which fell to the earth in Nevada is of the highest priority for NASA. Early on it was difficult to get good information about where in the CA-NV-AZ area debris may have landed. Since I was familiar with that area, having traveled much of that remote area during my earlier meteorite-recovery efforts, I decided to form a discussion list, called the Debris-locators Group, to provide a volunteer service and to supply information. Some members of the Debris-locators Group have made calculations based upon their observations in an effort to assist NASA in determining the most likely ground-track for the Columbia Shuttle's re-entry flight path. As it turns out, this "ground-track" passes over several locations in southern Nevada which are current meteorite-recovery search areas, such as Delamar Dry Lake and Dry Lake Valley, Nevada. Property owners living within this general area can access this data through the Debris-locators web site, in order to determine if their property lies within this "ground-track".

This Group is open to the Public for discussions related to the Shuttle Columbia STS-107 Re-entry Disaster, and how to best assist NASA in locating the debris from this disaster. Located debris should be immediately reported by calling the FEMA toll-free HotLine: 1-(866)-446-6603

NOTE: Please be advised - the intention of this Group is to ONLY assist in the locating - NOT the RETRIEVAL - of Shuttle debris. Federal law PROHIBITS the retrieval and possession of debris from the Shuttle Columbia reentry disaster.

[This Group also seconds as a Meteorite-Recovery discussion list, since there exists the possibility that meteorites could be found during the effort of locating Shuttle debris. This Group has the expertise to identify meteorites, since most of the invited members are also current members of a Meteorite-Recovery Team.

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