by Robert Verish

Cuddeback Dry Lake Meteorites - found by the
Cal-Nevada Meteorite-Recovery Team Members

This month's "Bob's Findings" article is about the meteorite-recovery efforts at Cuddeback Dry Lake San Bernardino County, California.

Due to the increased pace of meteorite-recovery, during this prime time of year (weather-wise) here in the Southwestern U.S., this month's article will be limited to just the following web page:

Table of California Finds by Members of the Meteorite Recovery Team (as of 2001)

[The term "Cuddeback Dry Lake" is the NomComm-approved name for a variety of chondritic stone meteorites found on that California Mojave Desert dry lake, and appears in Table 3 of the Meteoritical Bulletin No.86, 2002 July.]

The topic of my next few articles will continue this series on California and Nevada Meteorites.

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