by Robert Verish

ERRATUM: Mud Dry Lake has been classified as
- H3.8 S1 W3 Fa18.2%

Wall-to-wall with chondrules!
Angular clast in the matrix of Mud Dry Lake (H3.8 S1 W3) -

ERRATUM: Mud Dry Lake's classification was finally revealed - after the July 2003 article "Reconstructing Fragmented Meteorite Finds" was published - as being H3.8 S1 W3 Fa18.2%

Wall-to-wall with chondrules!
Thin-sections are available for study -

This month's "Bob's Findings" article was temporarily postponed due to health-related problems and hardware failures. This month's article reports on recent classifications (done by UCLA) of some interesting meteorite finds that were submitted by this author:

Franconia, AZ

  • H5 Fa17.6 S3 W2
    Mud Dry Lake
  • H3.8 Fa18.2 S1 W3
    Muroc Dry Lake
  • L6 Fa24.4 S4 W2
    Red Dry Lake 022
  • H6 Fa18.7 S1 W5
    Red Dry Lake 023
  • L5 Fa24.9 S4 W4
    Roach Dry Lake 024
  • H6 Fa18.8 S3 W3
    Rock Springs, WY
  • L6 Fa25.7 S2 W2
    Rosamond Dry Lake
  • L6 Fa25.1; Fs20.3 S3 W2
    Twentynine Palms
  • L6 Fa24.4 S5 W1

    Gold Basin
  • L5 Fa23.4 S4 W1
    Gold Basin
  • L4 Fa23.6 S4 W4
    Gold Basin
  • L6 Fa24.5 S4 W2
    Gold Basin
  • L5 Fa24.7 S4 W4

    The variation in the above "Gold Basin" classifications (petrologic grade) is not surprising, because it is consistent with the results from nineteen (19) previously classified specimens, to include the Hualapai Wash meteorite. in fact, the Nomenclature Committee has instituted a naming convention just for classified meteorites from Gold Basin, such as these, for usage in technical papers. The following nomenclature are approved synonyms for publication purposes:

    "Gold Basin L6", and
    "Gold Basin L5"

    Given the current usage of these formally approved names, it is recommended that unclassified finds from Gold Basin not be labeled as "Gold Basin (L4)". A preferred name would be "Gold Basin (unclassified)".

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