by Robert Verish

My December article has been POSTPONED

This month's installment of "Bob's Findings" will have to be postponed to another month. I am recuperating from recent surgery to my lower back. (I find it amazing how many people have back problems. All I had to do was wear a back brace in public, and it was surprising how many of my co-workers, friends, and even strangers would come up to me and tell me, "I've been there, and done that..."! And they all seemed to have recovered quite well! :-)

This months article was to be a continuation of my September 2004 article. It was to be a description of subsequent Meteorite-Recovery Team efforts last summer in Snohomish County, Washington. As you may recall, there was a bolide event which occurred over that county on June 3rd, 2004.
Long story short, no meteorites were recovered by our Team from this fall. And given the conditions on the ground local to where fragments of this bolide were predicted to have fallen, the chances are very slim that a meteorite find can still be made. But more about this topic, at a later month, in one of my future articles.

In the meanwhile, if you want to read the latest findings regarding the Snohomish County, Washington Bolide of June 3, 2004,
here is a web page that would be a good place to start:
The June 3, 2004 Fireball Project by Jeremy B. Tatum.
And this is a portion of what Dr. Tatum wrote on that web page:
The idea I have in mind is for each investigator to write a short "poster paper" and put it on this Web site, so that we can all see what each of us has been doing, what data we have had available, what techniques we have been using, and what conclusions we have managed to reach so far."

And if you are wondering why this particular bolide has garnered so much attention, you should check-out Rob Matson's very impressive analysis of the bolide's trajectory, of where the bolide most likely originated, and of where the fragments of the bolide most likely landed:

  • Trajectory Analysis of June 3rd Washington State Fireball by Robert D. Matson
  • NOTE:

    To see an animation of the path of the fireball, click here.

    This animation will show you why our Meteorite-Recovery Team focused our efforts in eastern Snohomish County!!

    If you have questions, please contact:
    Dr. Jeremy B. Tatum

    To see results from a Google search on the keywords "June 3rd 2004 Fireball Project Washington Bolide" , "Click" - - HERE!!

    A forthcoming article will continue the topic of Bolides.

    My previous articles can be found *HERE*

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