by Robert Verish

Correo (H4)

This month's installment of "Bob's Findings" features two specimens of a meteorite that fell in Correo New Mexico, and were found by an anonymous hunter from Kingman, Arizona.

Recently, a member of the Meteorite List posted a question to that List regarding Correo. That question was actually a request for recovery and Total Known Weight information.

Here's a couple images of these two stones found within the Correo (H4) strewn field:


1. What is the best, current ESTIMATED TKW for Correo?
2. What is the weight of the largest known Correo specimen? ( I think someone told me they thought there was one of at least 2Kg ??? )
3. What is the estimated terrestrial age for Correo?
4. Do Correos show a propensity for orientation, or are only a very few oriented?
5. Who has hunted at Correo?
6. For those who have hunted there, what were the results?
7. Who has Correo as part of their collection? ( Perhaps these last 2 questions might help at least a little in estimating the more accurate TKW ???)

If you could answer any of these questions, please contact:
meteoritefinder at

For other images of Correo stones, "Click" - - HERE!!

The Correo specimen pictured in Robert Haag's "Field Guide to Meteorites" cataloge on page 49 (#149), is another complete Correo stone that rivals any previous find from this New Mexico locality. As Haag stated, this was his first stone meteorite find. His stone is a museum quality specimen of a Correo meteorite.

Another Correo specimen appears here on the "Photo Gallery of Meteorites web page!

The topic of my next article will continue a series on the Snohomish County, Washington Bolide of June 3, 2004.

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