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by Robert Verish

Previous "Bob's Findings" Articles - Revisions and Updates

Readers of "Bob's Findings" have sent me updates, as well as, suggestions how best to revise some of my monthly articles.

Here are some past articles that have been updated:

The Spanish Fireball and Meteorite-Recovery Network (SPMN)

There have been some very interesting papers written about the Villalbeto de la Peña meteorite fall that was recorded by this SPMN all-sky camera network. My July 2004 article has been updated with links to recent information about this important meteorite recovery. It is a rare occasion when a meteorite is recovered, after having it's fall captured on an all-sky camera network. Much thanks to Dr. Josep M. Trigo-Rodríguez for notifying me of his recent publications regarding the Villalbeto de la Peña meteorite.

The Moss Meteorite (a side-trip on my summer vacation to Norway)

As fate would have it, my planned summer vacation to Norway coincided with the fall of the Moss (Norway) meteorite. I gladly modified my intinerary to include this side-trip to the Moss meteorite strewn field. This article was originally just an image gallery of my trip. Because I returned from Norway too late, my August 2006 article was postponed and wasn't published as part of the August, but I eventually placed my webpage on-line. It has now been updated with links to recent information about this important meteorite fall.

Griffith Observatory has REOPENED!

This November 2006 article was intended to focus on the various meteorite displays, and in particular the California Meteorite exhibit, on display at the newly remodeled Griffith Observatory here in Los Angeles. But as of the writing of that article, those exhibits were still "under construction". Nevertheless, the Griffith Observatory was re-opened! And as the final touches to the exhibits progressed, I made updates to this article. Click on the word "Slideshow" in order to see the recent images of these meteorite displays.


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