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by Robert Verish

[This portion of the article was REVISED on 2009-01-01]

UPDATE - January 2009 - Ian Kluft added a link to his website
State of the Research - January 2009
Ian writes, "Last year after the Winter when the weather made Black Rock inaccessible, I posted a summary of what progress we had made and what we had learned. With 2008 now behind us, it's time to summarize another year. I'll also add a Q&A section to address some recurring questions."

UPDATE - November 2008 - Ian Kluft added a link to his website
Acknowledging everyone's help so far... - November 2008
The December 2008 issue of Discover Magazine has a section that covers a variety of scientists and science research from 2008. There's a brief blurb about Ian Kluft and his project to research the Black Rock impact crater theory. Since Ian considers this to be a Stratofox Team effort, and not just "his" project, he wanted to publish an "Acknowledgement Page".

UPDATE - September 2008 - Ian Kluft added a link to his website
Stratofox 5 trip to Black Rock, Sept 26-28, 2008
Photos were posted from the "Stratofox 5" camping trip which was located at Upper High Dry lakebed at Black Rock.

[The following is the original article as published in September 2008]

Stratofox.Org's Crater Assault #3

The search for a suspected impact crater in the Black Rock Desert area of northern Nevada


Since I've just returned from an extended field trip, there wasn't proper time to compose a "typical Bob's Findings" article for this month. But I thought it would be nice to still give our readers the opportunity to view the most recent, preliminary results by a group of researchers known as the Stratofox organization, and of their fieldwork in the Black Rock Desert. So, instead of the "usual" article, this month's edition of "Bob's Findings" will simply be a couple of links to the Stratofox group's webpages that describe their latest efforts at trying to locate evidence for a suspected impact crater in Northern Nevada.

Click "HERE" for "Stratofox Crater Assault 3 Pictures"
and here is the link for the Ian Kluft post, dated 2008 Sept 10, titled "[BR-Crater] trip report and pictures from Crater Assault 3"


Shatter cone - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The shatter cone page - Research on geology, geophysics, and petrology of impact structures (meteorite impact craters).

Black Rock Desert ?shattercone? "it's the best candidate we've seen. "

Suspected Impact Crater at the Black Rock Desert

BR-Crater Digest, Vol 13, Issue 8

Ian's Black Rock Pages - Black Rock Desert, Nevada

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