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by Robert Verish

Past "Bob's Findings" Articles - Revisions and Updates

Readers of "Bob's Findings" have sent me updates, as well as, suggestions how best to revise some of my previously published articles.

Here are some past articles that have been updated:

Stratofox.Org's Crater Assault #3 - The search for a suspected impact crater in the Black Rock Desert area of northern Nevada

There have been some interesting developments since I first reported on the efforts undertaken by Ian Kluft and the Stratofox team to prove that the Black Rock Desert is all that remains of a tens-of-kilometers wide impact crater. The case for this proposed impact crater is so compelling that it garnered the attention of Discover Magazine when it included Ian Kluft on their List of the 50 Most Important, Influential, and Promising People in Science! Many thanks to Ian Kluft for notifying me of his recent updates to his thought-provoking website.

Abstracts presented at - The 34th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (LPSC - 2003)

Fixed some broken links that were the result of changing to - darn, what a pain that little change has caused. Also added the text from my abstract that announced the reclassification of the Dale Dry Lake meteorite.


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