Newsletter for Orphaned Meteorites from USA – Volume 1 No. 3 -- September 2015
by Robert Verish

Bob's Bulletin

A newsletter for "orphaned" meteorites from the USA.

Petrographic Description for Meteorite N140531B

Field ID Number N140531B
Newsletter 01-3
Location Nevada, USA
Thin-section ID Number V14DB
Dimensions 2.7cm x 2.2cm x 1.5cm
Weight 15.65 grams
Type Specimen 3.4gram endcut - plus thin-section .
Class Ordinary Chondrite (possibly an L6)
Weathering Grade mid-range (but very likely above "W3")
Shock Stage low (most likely "S2" or lower)
Macroscopic Description -- R. Verish
This meteorite is a well-rounded, whole individual stone. The dark, rusty-brown exterior of this chondrite is covering 80% of this stone with a thick, relict fusion crust. Stone appears to have experienced little in the way of mechanical weathering, but appears to have been altered by chemical-weathering. The interior is a dark-brown, compact matrix with very low metal-grain content, and few troilite grains. The chondrules and inclusions are not distinct.
Thin Section Description -- R. Verish
The section exhibits few chondules, nevertheless they don't appear to vary in size, and most are ill-defined in a dark-brown, iron oxide-rich matrix of fine-grained silicates, troilite and rare metal. Although the exterior of this meteorite has experienced only minimal physical weathering, the interior has undergone chemical weathering and is highly weathered. Very weak mosaic shock effects are present. Silicates are equilibrated. This meteorite is probably a low-shock, equilibrated L-chondrite.
Name: N140531B - This meteorite might be unpaired to the other ordinary chondrites (so far found) from this locality.
USA Orphaned Meteorite Images for Specimen ID# N140531B

The above example is one way in which I can bring attention to what I predict will be an increasing number of unclassified meteorites found here in the USA. Hopefully, attention will be drawn to what I see as a growing problem, and maybe some institution will offer to help get some of these orphans classified and cataloged.

A newsletter for "orphaned" meteorites from the USA.

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