Newsletter for Orphaned Meteorites from USA – Volume 1 No. 1 -- January 2015
by Robert Verish

Bob's Bulletin

A newsletter for "orphaned" meteorites from the USA.

Petrographic Description for Meteorite N130930A

Field ID Number N130930A
Newsletter 01-1
Location Nevada, USA
Thin-section ID Number V010
Dimensions 3.0 x 2.25 x 2.25
Weight 14.2 grams
Class Ordinary Chondrite
Weathering Grade 2 (very likely)
Shock Stage 4 (most likely)
Macroscopic Description -- R. Verish
The exterior of this ordinary chondrite has dark brown fusion crust. The interior is a dark brown matrix with low metal content and the chondrules and inclusions are of various sizes.
Thin Section Description -- R. Verish
The section exhibits a variety of sizes, but poorly-defined chondrules (up to 2 mm) in a brownish matrix of fine-grained silicates, troilite and rare metal. The meteorite is mildly weathered. Weak mosaic shock effects are present, but not maskelynite. Silicates are equilibrated. This meteorite is probably an equilbrated L-chondrite.
USA Orphaned Meteorite Images for Specimen ID# N130930A
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