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"2nd Study Area-001"


Robert Verish
5 Feb 2000


S2 W4

"click" here for photos and details Silurian Dry Lake

"2nd Study Area-002"


Rob Matson
27 May 2000


S2 W2

(Recently classified by UCLA)

"click" here for photos and details Silver Dry Lake
No image available

Study Area "No.2"


Nick Gessler
December 10

Sample (MRF00345-NG#) submitted to UCLA

16.5g Nick's description (the following originally appeared at ""):The chondrite is 16.50 grams, about the size and shape of the meat in a Brazil nut. It's completely fusion crusted except for the two ends which were broken off some time in flight, as the crust laps over the edge of the larger break. The fusion crust is grayish black, probably somewhat sandblasted, with a few expansion cracks evident. It was rather aerodynamically curved, in sharp contrast to the vesicular basalt and other angular rocks on the lake bed. And it was sitting, its most stable flat side down, right on the surface, stuck only 1 or 2 mm into the silt. A small window indicates sharply delineated chondrules, minute and sparse metal flecks, and one troilite "chondrule" in the face. The coordinates were: N nnd nn.666m W nnnd nn.891m 10 Dec 00 21:22 There is a creatively designed cairn to mark the spot. Silver Dry Lake 002