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2003 July 16
See Explanation.  Clicking on the image will download a close-up image.

Name of Nevada Meteorite: Devil Peak
Credit: Image of meteorite slice taken by the finder, John Gwilliam of Phoenix, Arizona.


The specimen shown in today's "Picture of the Day" was cut and polished by the finder of this meteorite, Mr. John Gwilliam.
Devil Peak was found on 1999 May 02 and has been classified as an L6. A little known fact that is undocumented is that a second, smaller stone was found a few months later by John Blennert just a few 100 meters to the east of the first stone. It was classified as being an L6, and was assumed to be paired to the first stone. The documented TKW for Devil Peak does not include the mass from this second stone (~5 grams). The documented TKW for Devil Peak is 34.7 grams.

(Scale is a U.S. 1 cent "Indian head" coin.)

Tomorrow's picture: from the other side of the lake - another Nevada meteorite find

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