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2003 August 11
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Name of Nevada Meteorite: Bluewing 005 -
Actually, this is the 14th meteorite-fragment found at Bluewing Flat,
but is now considered to be paired to the 9th meteorite-fragment found at Bluewing Flat,
and now is part of the 18th meteorite for Nevada.
Credit: Image by finder, Paul Gessler, taken December 01, 1999.

Again we jump ahead to December 1, 1999, in todays Photo of the Day!

After a 3 week hiatus, Paul Gessler returns to Bluewing Flat to resume his recovery efforts. On that one day he finds 7 fragments. Five of these fragments are later paired to an earlier find of his (Bluewing 005). This one, depicted in the photo above, is his second find of that day and was later found to be "paired" to his 9th Bluewing find, later to be designated as Bluewing 005 by the Nomenclature Committee.
The following is from The Meteoritical Bulletin, No. 86, (Table 3), 2002 September :

Bluewing 005 -
Actually, the stone in the image above is the first fragment found that was later paired to Bluewing 005, the ninth meteorite find made at Bluewing Flat, Nevada
40 17.138' N, 118 56.794' W (Coords are for the main mass, not this fragment.)
Pershing County, Nevada, USA
Found 1999 December 01 (this fragment)
L5 S1 W2 Fa 25.3+/-0.2% (paired to this classification by Alan Rubin)

A 563.10 gram stone fragment (which was flat, shield-shaped and was 75% frusion-crusted with regmaglypts) was found by Paul Gessler while he was searching for meteorites on Bluewing Flat. This stone, and the four other stones found that same day, were later paired to a 5685 gram mass found a month earlier. Pairings were determined by visual examination by Alan Rubin (UCLA).

Specimens: main mass, with finder (Gessler) .

(Personal communication with Nick Gessler, 2000).

(Scale: none)

Tomorrow's picture: a photo of another fragment of Bluewing 005

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