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2004 June 30
See Explanation. Click on image & download a CLOSE-UP image of this meteorite.

Name of Nevada Meteorite: new locality (name pending approval)
Classification: (pending) - Ordinary Chondrite

Credit: Image taken by finder, Robert Verish, on November 8, 2003.

The above image shows one of the four small ordinary chondritic stone meteorites that were found last year.!
Of the four stonys, only two have any indication of being paired to each other. The other stonys appear to have 3 distinctly different lithologies that are variable over a range of petrologic grade and degree of weathering, suggesting that they represent 3 different falls. All four stones were found well within an area less than 1 square kilometer.

There were a variety of surface conditions at the find sites, all of which was dependent upon the local environment (specific conditions in the soil). In this case the find locality is a dry lake. Some of the surfaces were firm, while others were quite fluffy-soft. This particular find was found perched on top of an accumulation of the "fluffy-soft" sediment. This has been interpreted to mean that some, as of yet, unexplained natural mechanism (a reverse-bedding process?) has brought this stone to the surface and kept it there. It is hoped that continued close attention to the immediate surface of any future meteorite find locality, will eventually result in an "explanation" for this natural phenomenon.

Meteorite-recovery efforts are on-going at this locality.

A 1 centimeter cube-scale can be seen to the right of the stony in this image.

(Scale: cube is 1cubic cm)

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