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2004 October 31
See Explanation. Click on image & download a COLLAGE image of this meteorite.

UPDATED - October 14, 2005 - Revised text is in RED.

Name of Nevada Meteorite: Black Rock 001
Classification: L6 S4 W2

Credit: Image taken by Finder, Jeff Pringle on September 29, 2003.

The name for this meteorite has been officially approved, and will appear in Meteoritical Bulletin 90 - August 2006.
I would like to personally thank the the finder of this [152 gram] meteorite, Jeff Pringle, for giving me permission to use his images in this month's NvMetPOD.
A 1/8 inch-scaled graph paper can be seen in the background of this composite image.

[Still]Of interest is the composition of the green-portion of the groundmass in the interior of this meteorite?

Meteorite-recovery efforts are still on-going at this locality. All new finds will be classified and cataloged, and will appear here in a future NvMetPOD!

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