Nevada Meteorite Picture of the Day (for the Month of May)

Discover the Solar System - right here in the Nevada desert! Each day a different image or photograph of a NEVADA meteorite will be featured, along with a brief explanation written by a meteorite-recovery expert.

2005 April 30
See Explanation.  Clicking on this image will download a close-up image at the highest resolution available.

Name of Nevada Meteorite: Pending approval by the NomCom - provisional nomenclature
Credit: Image by Robert Verish, taken 2005 April 15th.


Due to the backlog and delay in getting classifications, we must now show images of Nevada meteorite finds that are still awaiting classification and still awaiting formal approval of their names.

(Scale is 1 centimeter cube.)

For Reference:

Feel free to submit your image to appear here. Any and all submissions of Nevada meteorite images are welcome.

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